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This series of pages could not exist without the following people.

Noi Lamoon

An absent friend

Wiep de Vos

Died 1996. She lent me money when I most needed it. She also introduced me to the writer Doris Lessing. Lessing's books were very helpful when I first went to live in Asia.


Geek aka Erik van Riper was my first guide in cyberspace. Although I never met him in NEW YORK, he was the first person to answer questions about the internet when I was in my office at Queen's University Belfast. At that time I was just using telnet on a VAX connected to a PC via a PAD line to find out about everything. One may ask why I did not ask the sysadmins at Q.U.B. for help. The answer is very simple really: Geek is a Go Player, and the local sysadmins had never heard of the game.


Howard Marks
Dope helps you more in times of No Money than Money in times of no Dope


Opinions expressed in some of the links to these pages may not correspond to those of the author, and in particular those which advocate any form of violence or political extremism are presented as a warning of mistakes to be avoided. The author reserves the right to edit certain documents pertaining to repressive regimes in changing the names of individuals whose names are not yet well known. Whenever possible confirmation is sought by e-mail before any one else's personal documents are used. Documents which quote from large organisations such as WORLD BANK, UN, WHO etc normally give references and attribution. No warrenty is given for the truth or accuracy of any quoted material.

American street language is not tolerated.

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