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Weiqi is an excellent game. It can be played in candle light, without computers. There are books about the game printed on real paper. No one owns the copyright to the game. It's most popular in China, Japan and Korea, but with the internet it gets played in more and more countries of the world.

SHEFFIELD. Contact Tony Goddard at 07944 764312 for further information. More details will be added to this site as events unfold.

Here is an example game. The notation is traditional.

In this diagram white plays a clever sequence of moves to kill the black group at the top left.

The source file of the game is taken from the 'GoGod' databse. For those without human opponents or with very weak human opponents it is easier to improve by studying games. If you wish to take the games from the computer you can always print them by downloading math2549.tgz and refreshing the files weiqi.d4f , spiral.df , sgf.df

To print a game from an sgf file, start the d-shell, and load libraries. dsh x=script ld weiqi.d4f ld spiral.df ld sgf.df To print a game from moves 1 to 100 use a command such as G<-SGF_PLOT"-o xb.xpm -title -range 1 100 game.sgf" convert xb.xbm game.gif ... and the view the .gif in a browser (konqueror for example) and print it if required.
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