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This page has not been updated for ages. Many of the links are now defunct. The fact is the many interesting sites have been put up by poor people who cannot afford miniscule payments to keep their domains and other webhosting facilities.
Open Information As a Right
Open Society Institute (George Soros)
A capitalist with a conscience has given money to repair the infrastructure of Sarajevo during its siege. The UNPROFOR was more interested in protecting itself and the reputations of the NATO generals, but George Soros was more interested in the quality of life of the people. Rather than seeing the sort of dystopia (opposite to utopia) where the end of the Cold War brings in co-operation between the CIA, FBI and former KGB to oppress anyone who disagrees with the party line, George Soros is actually spending money to promote freedom of thought and expression.

Nothing threatens freedom of expression more than the WAR on DRUGS. It is this policy which causes the UK to jail a writer for nothing more than the material in his book. The War on Drugs is more dangerous than ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM because it is waged by the USA, and the USA has nuclear weapons and vast military and technical resources.

By 2000 the WAR on DRUGS has become a WAR on LIFE. Both the USA and the UK are sponsoring malicious genetic research. We all know how fast malicious computer programs spread. Well, the USA government wants to breed a fungus to kill cocaine plants in Colombia, while the UK has set scientists to work with former Soviet germ warfare experts in Kazakhstan in order to eradicate the opium poppy species.

Luckily some of these resources may also be used to combat the propaganda which infects the print media nowadays. Some Internet Service Providers are willing to help put over the truth. Because the World Wide Web is such a large place, some pointers are helpful.

Many of these links have not been updated for some time. This is deliberate. The death or redirection of a link reflects changing times.


Prohibition is more dangerous now

New website

Sheffield University E-zine a special ISP
The Lindesmith Center
Hyperreal Drugs Archive
United Kingdom Cannabis Internet Activists (UKCIA)
Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
Literary References to Hashish (Ludlow)
Drugs info in dutch, french, and english
Drug Reform Coordination Network, USA
ecolution Cyberhemp
Hemp info. (German)
Netherlands Free Trade Site
Dave Feustel's USA Government follies
Japanese Psychadelic Site
World Health OrganisationCannabis Page (Deactivated)

These links show that there are some dangerous people out there.
Pol Pot genocide information
Berserkistan report on Dayton peace deal
Drug Watch
Drug Enforcement Administration

But the world can also be a place to have fun.
Cybercafe Listings, Europe
A Friendly Traditional Cafe in Sheffield
User friendly discussions of Islam
Tanith Lee
Humanist Association, Hong Kong
Buddhist Electronic Library, Thailand

World Political Parties
Alliance Party (Northern Ireland)
Human Rights
A.I. BRITISH SECTION,99-119 Rosebery Ave, London EC1R 4RE
Tel: +44 171 814 6200,+44 171 833 1510


Web/USENET Search Engine

Domain Name Information
Use the command 'whois' followed by {key} domain. Useful values for the key field are 'DO' and then 'HA xxx-DOM' where xxx is the value of the domain field found by the first search .

SLORC stands for State Law and Order Restoration Council. A nightmare dreamed up by George Orwell, or Philip K Dick ? You are wrong. This is the ruling coalition in Myanmar in the 1990s.

Myanmar, formerly Burma, was colonised by the British in the 1800s, following the demonisation of its rulers by the imperialist press of the era. In fact foreign domination proved a disaster, especially when the country became a battleground in the war between the Anglo-Saxons and Japanese between 1941-45.

It has always been fashionable to denounce regimes such as SLORC in liberal circles. A typical example of this can be found in the film Beyond Rangoon.

John Pilger has written a text article to accompany 'Inside Burma'. Its title is 'Inside The Burmese Gulag'.

There are real reasons to avoid the place. Burma does have a Death Penalty for 'Fax Crime'.See the OSI Burma Information site for details.

Student protests in Serbia have been getting larger during November and December, 1996. Considering the bitter weather of the Serbian winter, the stamina of the protesters must be praised.

Although the demonstrations of up to 200000 are not reported by the official Serbian media, the academic community has made their computers available. This is perhaps the first time in history that we have the privilege to see student bulletins circulated world wide outside the established channels.

Faculties of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Belgrade


Dr Stuart Young Edinburgh
Jan Van Steen Amsterdam
David MillsSheffield

Middle East
S Suwellam's A E Mail Journal
Sudan Home Page
King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh A Genuine Saudi Website
Al-Shahr Arab language E-zine.
Arab Peace Links
I believe it became one of the most comprehensive sites on the web for links on Palestine and/or related to Palestine. You are kindly invited to visit and review.

Palestine Mirror
Songs to Hiroshima

Peace Now Need your support.
The PEACE NOW website contains material in English and Hebrew. As it happens there now some palestinians who understand Hebrew better than Arabic. Modern Hebrew is a recently invented language and many words describing science and technology were taken from modern arabic.

Download Hebrew Fonts
Please look at the README files, and prefer .zip over .exe files.

A Full Service Bank
The Committee Against Corruption in Saudi Arabia have updated their website to include vast sections of a book on the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). This book contains important background material on the methods used in the 'War on Drugs', and sceptics of the WoD have to thank CACSA for making this material available over the net.

The Saudi group called Committee to Defend Legitimate Rights have been able to draw attention to some of the current eveils in Saudi Society. Already in the 1980s it was quite evident that Allah was losing predominence to Maradonna the footballer who was idolised there while he was untainted by the later scandals affecting his life.

In London the group has circulated an intereting document on Zionism.

Conspiracy Facts and Theories
You can subscribe to COVERT ACTION QUARTERLY, or just browse through some of the articles online. Topics include the Ruwandan Genocide, AIDS, and Privatised Jails.

Cultural Issues
Other countries have different attitudes to life. Thailand is special, because prostitution was long established as part of the culture, and during the 1970s and 80s the government and tourism industry were very liberal about commercial sex.

Thailand Prostitution pages
More thai prostitution
Written Thai: Getting started
And if things go wrong, then this page will set you right.
Some WWW technical links

The UK always had prostitution. Boswell and Defoe have documented this in past times. Attitudes and prices in contemporary UK vary very much between regions. In London there are adverts for the services of whores stuck onto telephone boxes. Prices vary, although the high cost of rents tends to make prices high. A flat in Park West above Edgware Road could cost a group of girls in excess of one thousand punds a day.

Northern cities are generally cheaper. There is far less money there. A good listing can be found at Harmless Games.

Harmless Games provides a very slick and easy to use directory of the UK with no annoying commercials or distracting gimmicks. It is a content rich site.

Redundant Technology
See a video wall of old computers in Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter.
Nether Edge Cafe

In Germany and France the street demonstrators of the 1960s are now close to the center of power. This is also true in current day Thailand where some of the current leaders were once forced to take up arms to oppose state power, and US Imperialism.

The Bangkok Post shows a retrospective of Maoist inspired street art from the turbulent years of 1973-76. During this time the Thai people were determined not to let their alliance with the Americans drag them into defeat. Artists were very influential in these events: more so than they have been in recent European Culture.


The National Heritage / Mongrel Project is geared up to show the idiocy behind the 'FORTRESS EUROPE' project so beloved by our modern leaders. Since the frontiers crumbled in 1989 it has been a preoccupation of EU leaders to make sure they do not remain too open.

Unfortunately these great leaders are still spending time praising capitalism even while the seventy year old Communist experiment finally ended with the overthrow of Enver Hoxha in Albania. They do not yet seem aware that Capitalism has got used up in just four years or so in Albania.

Modern capitalism and social democracy owe more to Ron Hubbard and Billy Graham than Adam Smith or Malthus.

The Mongrel website contains excellent material to put right the lies sold by spin doctors.

Numbers interest some people.
What is the next term in the sequence 1 2 4 8 16 ?
31 maybe ? That's surely the case with a 6-degree polynomial fit of the data points.

Now it's not necessary to tax your brain with looking for rules. There is a world database of such sequences


These links are to a construction area on this site. There are many ASCII files and a few self extracting archives. Attribution to authors is embedded in many files.

The political stuff on this site is contentious, but the site contains a verification engine which can check out the contents of certain other sites for truth. These sites will mostly be other maths sites, and in particular you could try the first kara number sequence on Sloane's site. The integer sequences act as confidence or trust indicators, and their generation is often used to benchmark computers.

If someone else is able to make use the materials on this site honestly, then they are welcome, while those who act dishonestly will fall victims to their own bad karma.

Highway cafe in Sheffield THE HIGHWAY, SHEFFIELD
A public house with computers
Rustbelt UK community magazine BURNGREAVE MESSENGER


It's amazing how many empty council flats there are in Sheffield. And also the way they demolish good buildings so often.
Interesting views of old Sheffield cinemas can be found at
Sheffield artist at
This site contains some excellent pictures of local scenary around Sheffield.


Here is cohesive attack on current day capitalism and corporate mystification. The utopian ideas include open source code for computer software, and equal pay for software developers worldwide regardless of country of origin, or place of work. The time has come. The time has come

Anarchist Reading List at:
Mainly Political stuff.

Software archive.

GLEE: An Array Processing Language
Todd Marshall's page.
Hui Huang's WinIGC client for the GO SERVER.
Use telnet to connect.


The mysteries of style sheets are fully explained here